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Before and After


RATING: Stars GENDER: Male GOAL: Muscle Gain AGE: 27 PRODUCTS USED: Mass Stack
"I started using the Muscle Research Mass Stack as my goal was to bulk and put on weight. After taking all 4 supplements in combination as the guidelines outlined, I felt the increase in energy, endurance and my strength went up 20kg on bench press! I was shocked! It honestly took a couple of weeks to get going, but the results started to come after 2 weeks I'd say. If you goals, like me, were to bulk then you need to be eating a lot of calories and push yourself in the gym. Excellent products, will buy again. Thank you Muscle Research!"
Before and After


RATING: Stars GENDER: Male GOAL: Lose Fat and Muscle Growth AGE: 34 PRODUCTS USED:
TEST 500 Buy 1 Get 1 Free
TREN 100 Buy 2 Get 1 Free
"AWESOME PRODUCTS!! Use Test 500 and Tren 100 if you want to get serious. I managed to recomp my body in 6 weeks on these two supplements. Look at the pics! I'll be trying other bulking supps now like D-BOL and DECA 300. If they are like the other 2 then its going to be GOOD!"
Before and After


RATING: Stars GENDER: Male GOAL: Lose Fat AGE: 43 PRODUCTS USED: Cutting Stack
"Even at my age these products have been a game changer! On a calorie restricted diet MY STRENGTH WENT UP! How does that work? :) I look and feel a million pounds. The increase in well being, strength and then muscle is certainly worth the prices Muscle Research are charging. Fantastic store!"
Before and After


RATING: Stars GENDER: Male GOAL: Gain Muscle AGE: 20 PRODUCTS USED: D-BOL Buy 2 Get 1 Free
"So I'm new to the gym and training, but I;ve made some BIG changes. My friends keep asking me "what are you on?" and I've been directing them here! No side effects to report just massive gains in the gym. Lifts have all gone up and I feel focused and determined for the next phase which is cutting! Amazing supplements, I'd give 6 stars if possible! LOL"
Before and After


RATING: Stars GENDER: Female GOAL: Fat Loss AGE: 26 PRODUCTS USED: CLEN 10 Buy 2 Get 1 Free
"I was skeptic at first but CLEN 10 really works. You have to be strict with diet and cardio training (I run), so these supplements are good A** if it they were a pupil (I’m a teacher) and very please with the results! I wanted to lose some fat for my holiday to Greece and they worked amazing. Going to try VAR 15 now."
Before and After


RATING: Stars GENDER: Male GOAL: Gain Muscle AGE: 39 PRODUCTS USED: Ultimate Stack
"So I wasnt sure what to buy so bought them all!! WOW, what a difference from not taking them. The changes have been magical. These guys really know what they're doing and their stacks cover all the bases. My shoulders have EXPLODED! I'd had to buy new clothes! Never going back to how I was before no way, I love looking like this now! :) "
Before and After


RATING: Stars GENDER: Male GOAL: Cutting/span> AGE: 36 PRODUCTS USED: Cutting Stack
"Seeing those before and after pics makes me a bit sick! I cant see how I got like that, I looked terrible! Anyway, now I'm extremely pleased and thank Muscle Research for their amazing products. I couldnt of done it without them and now I'm getting the attention I've always wanted! Cant wait till next summer to trim down again and get this show on the road! Love you guys, thanks again!"