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We only sell the highest quality muscle building dietary supplements.

All our products are produced in a GMP and MHRA approved UK facility.


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  • Overall Muscle Growth
  • Lean Gains
  • Bulking
  • Fat Burning
  • Energy
  • Muscle Definition
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£399.92 £199.99
(You save £199.93)

The Ultimate Stack is our most powerful all-in-one anabolic stack, containing every single product we currently sell.

This tailored supplement super combination will help you reach your desired goals in body recomposition. A body transformation stack at a low cost price, our popular cycle is a game changer for those stuck and not making progress, or wanting a potent helping hand.

Users report unbelievable changes after combining this cycle with a diet high in clean calories and protein, with a frequent weight lifting programme and cardio protocol.

The Ultimate Stack Includes:

  • Test 500® -  (Testosterone Support, Strength, Labido, Size)*
  • D-Bol® - (Mass, Strength, Size, Power)*
  • Clen 10® - (Fat Loss, Energy, Appetite Control, Endurance)*
  • Tren 100® - (Muscle Hardening, Power, Vascularity, Fat Burning)*
  • Winni-V® - (Lean Muscle, Cutting, Endurance, Power)*
  • Var 15® - (Speed, Power, Strength, Lean Gains, Recovery)*
  • Deca 300® - (Mass, Joint Protection, Size, Recovery)*
  • Adrol 50® - (Bulking, Strength, Weight, Power)*


Directions For Use: This stack is designed to be a 30-day cycle combining all products. Follow the instructions on each bottle.