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We only sell the highest quality muscle building dietary supplements.

All our products are produced in a GMP and MHRA approved UK facility.

CLEN 10®

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CLEN 10®

  • Fat Burning
  • Appetite Control
  • Endurance
  • Energy
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Clen 10® is our most powerful fat loss product and metabolic stimulator. Containing an extra strength formulation, this fast-acting oral will help supplement your fat burning goals.

Clen 10® was designed to promote a thermogenic and lipolysis effect when combined in a calorie deficit type diet. Providing a metabolic boost along with enhanced energy, this popular supplement creates the perfect environment to help shift that unwanted and stubborn fat.

Not only that, Clen 10® will also help reduce appetite and curb food cravings. With a rock solid metabolism combined with clean foods and dieting correctly, your progress will be enhanced using this potent athletic enhancement tool.  

This is our number #1 selling fat reduction aid at Used leading to the summer to help obtain a set of six-pack abs, by bodybuilders during pre-competition phases or women wanting that toned and defined physique look -- Clen 10® is a well-known and respected supplement.

*Clen 10® was scientifically designed to help:

  • Remove Unwanted Body Fat*
  • Burn Excess Calories*
  • Enhance Metabolism*
  • Increase Energy*
  • Improve Stamina and Endurance*
  • Safely Reduce Appetite*


Suggestions: Clen 10® is often used a lot during cutting periods, but can be combined in our Cutting Stack for optimal performance and gains.

Directions For Use: This product contains 60 capsules and is designed to be a 30-day cycle. Take 1 capsule twice daily with 8 ounces of water. Doses should ingested AM and PM.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Amount Per Serving: 30
Ingredients: 450mg Green Tea Extract, 200mg L-Tyrosine, 100mg Caffeine, 50mg Naringin, 35mg L-Tryptophan, 30mg Citrus Aurantium, 0.5mg Vitamin B6.